Endodontics is a dental specialty that deals with the teeths’ nerves. When a tooth becomes infected it is usually related to the nerves in the root of the tooth, and the infected nerves need to be removed. If left untreated an infection can turn into an abscess, which is a much more serious problem that can include bone loss in the jaw. Root canals are probably the most notorious procedure in dentistry, and the most common procedure relating to endodontics.

Endodontic Root Canal Procedure

In a root canal, the area around the tooth is numbed with a local anesthetic after which the dentist then drills down into the tooth to create an opening into the canal. They will then be able to remove infected tissue and clean the canal, sealing the space with gutta percha. It is highly recommended that a tooth that has undergone a root canal is fitted with a crown. This will improve the appearance of the tooth, and will also ensure the long-term success of the root canal.

“Root canal,” along with many endodontic procedures, has become a scary term for dental patients to hear, but the benefits of the procedure and advances in dental technology have made it much simpler and far more pain-free. There may be some soreness following the procedure, but that is normal for most dental procedures. Over the counter painkillers are usually enough to relieve any pain afterwards, but your dentist is available to prescribe medication if you should need something stronger. The procedure relieves any pain caused by the infection, allowing you to enjoy all the foods you love without any discomfort from heat, cold, or biting too hard. If you are experiencing pain, consult Santarsiero Family Dental today!

The term pain free dentist doesn’t get said often, but this is as close as it gets. Dr. Nick does a great job. I HATE needles and he talked me through it completely. If you want top quality dental care, coupled with a very relaxing environment, this is the place! 5 stars doesn’t do it justice!

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I have been going to Dr. Nick for awhile now and it is the best place to go. They know what they are doing, in addition the whole staff is great. My whole family sees him.

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